#20 The fall, part II

Jackie Greaves survives for two nights during a big winter storm. She’s finally found by a search and rescue dog, bundled into a helicopter and flown to hospital. Jackie’s safe, but then another ordeal begins.


Ascent by Jon Luc Hefferman, Namaste by Jason Shaw, Impact Prelude by Kevin MacLeod, Hung Balance by Ketsa, Cylinder Five and Cylinder Nine by Chris Zabriskie and Dancing On The Edge by Kai Engel.


Thanks to Jackie Greaves, Graham Gibb, James Grylls and Willie Fraser. Research help for this episode was from David “Heavy” Whalley, John Allen, Bob Reid and Bob Sharp. A special thanks to Alistair and Maria Hearn for putting me up while I was recording in the Lake District.

Episode artwork is from a photograph of Ben Macdui taken by Neil Reid. Editing help was from Huw Williams. Mountain is sponsored by Alpkit.

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