#19 The fall, part I

February, 1994. The Cairngorms are in the grip of an Arctic storm. Alone and in a whiteout, Jackie Greaves strays out on to a cornice. Seconds later, the snow collapses into air.


Ascent by Jon Luc Hefferman, La Brise by Circus Marcus, Little Black Cloud by Poddington Bear, Tentative Steps by Kai Engel and Planet BCosmic Drifting and Planet E by Lee Rosevere.


Thanks to Jackie Greaves, Graham Gibb and Willie Fraser. Research help for this episode was from David “Heavy” Whalley, John Allen, Bob Reid and Bob Sharp. A special thanks to Alistair and Maria Hearn for putting me up while I was reporting this story. Editing help was from Huw Williams.

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