#5 The Angel of Camasunary

Skye, late September 1981. A young woman sits in a dark bothy, staring into a fire. A pair of flimsy shoes are propped next to her, drying in the heat, and a kettle comes to the boil. Who was the Angel of Camasunary and where did she go? Hillwalker and photographer Duncan McCallum tells the story.

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#4 Every mountaineer loves a ridge

As the climber Mo Anthoine used to say, sometimes you have to feed the rat. After a winter indoors editing podcast episodes about other people’s adventures, Mountain host Christopher Sleight heads to the Cairngorms for a full-on winter’s day.

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#3 A call for help

On 19th May 2015, Adrian Oram was traversing a section of the Cuillin Ridge with his novice climbing partner Mike. The ridge was harder than expected, but they were enjoying the challenge. It was a good day in the mountains. But for Adrian and Mike’s friends, a completely different story was playing out. Adrian and Mike had leading roles – only they knew nothing about it.

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#2 The definition of adventure

It’s Easter Saturday, 1998. Two climbers are alone in a tiny tent in an isolated Himalayan valley. There’s a gnawing cold and the snow conditions are against them. Should they go for the summit again? Or play it safe and head for the valley?

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