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21 December 2016 Top 7 Outdoor Podcasts by Armchair Mountaineer

The production is great; it sounds like a 30 minute BBC Radio 4 program, with superb editing and always interesting and above all intelligent

16 December 2016 Interview with Mountain host Christopher Sleight on The Outdoors Station

14 November 2016 Interview with Mountain host Christopher Sleight on the Adventure Sports Podcast

27 October 2016 The Scottish Mountaineer website reviews the Mountain podcast

Chris isn’t afraid of getting personal and there’s real emotion and human heart in these stories. It’s clearly a labour of love and it shows in the end product, it really is great stuff

27 March 2016 Review of episode five by author Alex Roddie

The result is a touching and poignant tale of life in the hills, and a superb instalment of what is rapidly becoming one of the best outdoor podcasts out there

25 January 2016 Review of episode three by author Alex Roddie

Events are brought to life through a mixture of dialogue… appropriate (but subtle) sound effects, and music. It’s an effective blend of storytelling journalism and drama and feels extremely immersive

27 November 2015 Q&A with Mountain host Christopher Sleight on

16 November 2015 Review of episode one by author Chris Townsend

13 November 2015 Review of episode one and Q&A with Mountain host Christopher Sleight by author Alex Roddie