Our advertising guidelines

Mountain is sponsored by Alpkit. The company’s support is crucial. Without it we wouldn’t be able to pay for web hosting, recharge the batteries or travel to record interviews.

In return, you’ll hear a bit about Alpkit before each episode starts. We think that’s a fair exchange and we hope you do, too.

There are two principles that guide our relationship with Alpkit:

  1. Alpkit has no editorial control over the podcast (and to be honest, they’ve got better things to be doing anyway). Decisions about what stories Mountain covers and how we cover them are taken by us, here in the Mountain studio, and no-one else.
  2. It’ll always be really, really clear when you’re listening to an advert. At the start, you’ll hear something like “Mountain is brought to you by Alpkit” or “Mountain is supported by Alpkit”. At the end there’ll be a clear break before the feature starts.

That’s it. If you have any questions, please get in touch.